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Sea Me NOW

Legendary Korean Crab Mantis
Good quality Korean seafood.

It's delicious to eat with anything.


Selected precious crab cakes from the deep sea
Directly delivered from the source of production in Sokcho, South Korea.


Clients : SeaMeNOW

Creative & Director : Tida Kalatix

Graphic : Kanitharin Thailamtong

DOP : Faizal Tosomboon

Producer : Pudding Puttida Butsayarat

Lighting : Arnon Boonrod

Camera Asst 1: นัฏฐวุฒิ อุระแสง

Camera Asst 2 : ธนบดี มีดี

2 ND Camera Asst. :ธันยวัฒ ฆังฆะ

3 RD Camera Asst : อติภา สายพิมพ์

Stylist Food :Phakamas Limkul

Sound & Announcer : O.A. studio

Special Thanks : Tada Mitrevej

Production by Mollage

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